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1200 w cr 104 falfurrias tx 78335

Welcome to Falfurrias, Texas – a charming town where small-town charm meets big opportunities! Nestled in the heart of Brooks County, Falfurrias is a hidden gem known for its friendly community, rich history, and picturesque landscapes. And when it comes to finding the perfect property that combines comfort, convenience, and affordability, look no further than 1200 W CR 104. This unique address offers more than just four walls; it’s an invitation to experience the best of Falfurrias living. So let’s dive into all the exciting details and discover why this property is worth your attention!

History of 1200 W CR 104

Located in Falfurrias, Texas, 1200 W CR 104 is a property with a rich history that adds to its charm and character. The origins of this property can be traced back several decades, making it a fascinating piece of local history.

Originally built in the early 1900s, this property served as a farmhouse for a prominent family in the area. It was an integral part of their livelihood as they worked the surrounding land for generations. The house itself has seen many changes over time but still retains some of its original features and architectural style.

Over the years, different families have called 1200 W CR 104 home. Each generation added their own unique touch to the property while respecting its historical significance. This blend of old and new creates an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and comfortable.

The location itself holds stories from throughout Falfurrias’ past. Being situated on CR 104 means that this property witnessed firsthand the evolution of transportation routes and infrastructure developments in the town.

As you explore this historic property, you can’t help but imagine all those who came before you – tending to crops or tending to family gatherings under towering oak trees. It’s truly like stepping back in time.

Whether you’re interested in preserving history or simply appreciate homes with character, 1200 W CR 104 offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Falfurrias’ past while creating your own memories for future generations

Features and Amenities of the Property

When it comes to the property at 1200 W CR 104 in Falfurrias, Texas, there is no shortage of fantastic features and amenities that make it stand out from the rest. Let’s take a closer look!

First off, this property boasts a spacious layout with plenty of room for you and your family to spread out and relax. With its four bedrooms and two bathrooms, there is ample space for everyone to have their own personal sanctuary.

The kitchen in this home is truly a chef’s dream come true. It features modern appliances, beautiful countertops, and plenty of cabinet space for all your cooking needs. Whether you’re hosting dinner parties or simply preparing meals for your loved ones, this kitchen has everything you could possibly need.

One of the standout features of this property is its backyard oasis. Imagine spending warm summer days lounging by the pool or hosting barbecues on the expansive patio area. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor entertaining at 1200 W CR 104.

In addition to these incredible features, this property also offers a range of amenities that will enhance your everyday living experience. A two-car garage provides convenient parking options while keeping your vehicles safe from the elements.

Furthermore, central air conditioning ensures that you stay comfortable year-round regardless of outside temperatures. This feature alone can be a game-changer during hot Texas summers!

Lastly but certainly not least, location plays an important role in any property purchase decision. Situated in Falfurrias, Texas means residents have access to all the local attractions and activities that make this town so special.

From nearby parks perfect for picnics and outdoor recreation to shopping centers where you can indulge in some retail therapy – everything you need is just minutes away from your front door.

All things considered; it’s clear that 1200 W CR 104 offers an impressive list of features and amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience for its future owners. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make this property your new

Local Attractions and Activities

Falfurrias, Texas may be a small town, but it offers plenty of local attractions and activities to keep residents and visitors entertained. Whether you’re a nature lover or someone who enjoys cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone in this charming community.

One of the top attractions in Falfurrias is the Heritage Museum. This museum showcases the rich history and culture of the area through exhibits and artifacts. You can learn about the early settlers, explore the agricultural heritage, and even see some impressive art collections.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, head over to Gutierrez Park. This beautiful park features walking trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds for children. It’s a great place to relax with family or friends while enjoying the lovely scenery.

For those seeking adventure, Falfurrias also has opportunities for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. The nearby ranches offer guided hunting trips where you can try your hand at bagging game such as deer or hogs. And if fishing is more your style, there are several lakes in the area where you can cast your line and reel in some big catches.

Food lovers will appreciate Falfurrias’ local cuisine scene. From Mexican fare to classic American dishes, there are various restaurants offering delicious meals that will satisfy any appetite.

Falfurrias may be a small town but it certainly doesn’t lack when it comes to local attractions and activities. Whether you prefer exploring museums or getting out into nature, this community has something for everyone to enjoy! So why not plan a visit today?

Cost and Affordability in Falfurrias

Cost and affordability are important factors to consider when looking for a property in Falfurrias, Texas. Fortunately, 1200 W CR 104 offers a great value for the price. The cost of living in Falfurrias is relatively low compared to larger cities, making it an attractive option for those seeking affordable housing options.

In addition to the reasonable cost of living, property prices in Falfurrias are also quite affordable. This means that you can find a spacious and well-maintained home like 1200 W CR 104 without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to downsize, this property offers excellent value for your investment.

Furthermore, the affordable nature of Falfurrias extends beyond just housing costs. Everyday expenses such as groceries, utilities, and transportation tend to be more budget-friendly here compared to metropolitan areas. This allows residents of Falfurrias to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without excessive financial strain.

Additionally, by choosing to invest in real estate in Falfurrias at properties like 1200 W CR 104 now, you may potentially reap significant benefits in the future. As the area continues its steady growth and development, property values could increase over time – providing potential returns on your investment.

If you’re looking for an affordable place with great value for money in Texas, look no further than Falfurrias. With its low cost of living and reasonably priced properties like 1200 W CR 104 available on the market today – why not take advantage of all that this charming town has to offer?

Real Estate Market in Falfurrias

When it comes to the real estate market in Falfurrias, there are plenty of opportunities for both buyers and sellers. With its small-town charm and affordable prices, Falfurrias is an attractive option for those looking to invest in property.

One of the key factors driving the real estate market in Falfurrias is its convenient location. Situated just 70 miles from Corpus Christi and less than two hours from the border with Mexico, this town offers a strategic position for those who want easy access to major cities while still enjoying a peaceful rural lifestyle.

In terms of housing options, Falfurrias has a diverse range of properties available. From cozy single-family homes to spacious ranch-style houses, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. The area also boasts large plots of land that offer endless possibilities for development or recreational use.

Another factor contributing to the appeal of Falfurrias real estate is its affordability. Compared to larger cities nearby, housing prices here are significantly lower, making it an attractive choice for first-time buyers or investors looking for a high return on investment.

The local economy plays a crucial role in supporting the real estate market in Falfurrias. The town benefits from industries such as agriculture, oil production, and manufacturing, providing stability and job opportunities for residents.

The real estate market in Falfurrias presents promising prospects for both buyers and sellers alike. Its desirable location coupled with affordable prices make it an appealing destination for individuals seeking their dream home or looking to make a sound investment decision.

Is 1200 W CR 104 a Good Investment?

Investing in real estate is always a big decision, and it’s important to carefully evaluate the potential returns before making a commitment. When considering whether 1200 W CR 104 in Falfurrias, TX is a good investment, there are several factors to consider.

Location plays a crucial role in determining the value of any property. Falfurrias itself offers a peaceful and welcoming community atmosphere with plenty of local amenities and attractions nearby. This can make it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors alike.

Additionally, the features and amenities of the property should be taken into account. Does 1200 W CR 104 offer modern upgrades or unique architectural details that set it apart from other properties? These aspects can greatly influence its desirability and potential resale value.

Furthermore, it’s essential to assess the current state of the real estate market in Falfurrias. Are prices trending upwards or stagnant? Understanding market trends can help determine if now is an opportune time to invest or wait for potential future growth.

Financial considerations are paramount when evaluating any investment opportunity. Consider factors such as mortgage rates, rental income potential if applicable, and projected maintenance costs when assessing if this property aligns with your financial goals.

Whether 1200 W CR 104 is a good investment depends on individual circumstances such as long-term goals, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. It’s advisable to consult with real estate professionals who have knowledge about the specific area to gain valuable insights before making any decisions.


In conclusion, 1200 W CR 104 in Falfurrias, Texas is a property that offers both charm and potential. With its rich history and unique features, this address has much to offer to homeowners and investors alike.

The property itself boasts a spacious layout with modern amenities that make it comfortable for everyday living. The surrounding area also provides numerous local attractions and activities for residents to enjoy.

Falfurrias is an affordable town with a thriving real estate market, making it an attractive location for those looking to invest or settle down. The cost of living in Falfurrias is reasonable compared to other areas in Texas, providing great value for money.

When considering the investment potential of 1200 W CR 104, it’s important to take into account the strong market trends in Falfurrias. With its growing population and development projects on the horizon, this property could prove to be a wise long-term investment.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful place to call home or an opportunity to grow your real estate portfolio, 1200 W CR 104 in Falfurrias should be on your radar. Its combination of affordability, amenities, and potential make it a standout choice in the vibrant town of Falfurrias.

So why wait? Take the first step towards owning this charming property by exploring all that it has to offer at 1200 W CR 104 in Falfurrias today!

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